Our Journey

Pure Organic Salon follows a system that performs Harmoniously with the Biology and Structure of the Hair and Skin.  Designed to work within the hair 's optimum pH levels using color and care range products that work with one another to repair and strengthen the moisture and protein levels in the cuticle layer of your hair.   Our journey began in 1999 when the founder became severely sick from gluten and PPD filled hair colors and care products.  After constantly trying different brands and energy testing products, finally found the answer that resonated well with the body and heart.   With Confidence and Ethical Vegan goals in mind, Pure Organic Salon was established in 2005 in Laguna Beach CA.  Our services are performed one on one in a Private and Healing environment, with a consultation that allows the master stylist to connect with the surrounding energy and plan out a suitable color and care plan for our client.  In our journey for years, we have had clients with cancer, eczema, migraines, sensitive scalp, thinning hair, over-processed from Bleach etc, that stepped in and out through our front door.  To assist those in need not only good products are needed, but most important is the stylist's service environment.  When your stylist performs under no stress, no competition, they perform beyond expectations with balanced energy, results are more than perfect.  And that's what we have accomplished at Pure Organic Salon. 



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